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blue pill with horseshoe symbol please identity

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  • blue pill with horseshoe symbol please identity

    I'm new to the post. I've found a blue pill with no words on it, but a weird horseshoe symbol like this #8486;. Can you help me identify this pill?

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    Sounds like it could be some form of E to me. They usually have just a picture and no writing or other markings on the pill. Just a guess.


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      is there any way I can scan the picture and find out for sure? Should I bring it to a pharmacist or police station? I'm a little scared to do that because I'm afraid they think it's mine.


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        You can scan a picture but there is still no sure way to tell what it is. If you cannot determine what it is, dispose of it properly.


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          I have found out what it is. It is in fact ecstasy, and more precise, it's called omega


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            Does it have the numbers 8486 as well? Could it be an omega sign?

            Here are three identified MDMA's with omegas, but the color doesn't match
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              90% sure you have omega E... The site Cats meow references isn’t up to date. Since E is made illegally they constantly change the symbols and website cant keep up.Over 5,000 of these pills where seized coming from Canada into the US. (picture of pill on news, reference for 90% id). I can tell you on the westcoast those are going around clubs :-)