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Effexor saved my mind ......and my life

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  • Effexor saved my mind ......and my life

    I had left my home to go and take care of my mother and her husband when he had a stroke. Over time I became severely depressed and I had lost contact with my friends, family and basically with reality. I started Effexor ER and for the first four days I felt like jello inside. No outward effects otherwise. While telling an online friend I was going to quit it, she convinced me to give it more time. I did and was amazed at what changes I felt over the next two weeks. My max dosage was 75 mg. a day. I spent a total of 4 years caring for them and neglected myself in the meantime. I know everyone is different but the time has come when I feel I need it again. When I quit taking it about a year ago I had no ill effects from it.

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    I support Effexor all the way

    Effexor does what all of those other anti depressants can't do (paxil, zoloft, prozac) it does something with norepenephrin, which allieviates the emotional pain that comes along with depression.
    I'm on 75 2x a day, but I use it along with other medicines to control my anxiety, along with agorophobia (afraid of being around a lot of people) and depression, with depression being the underlying cause. I've only been on Effexor for a week now, and my boyfriend (who usually refers to me as a crank ass) says i'm much nicer and starting to become the girl he dated in the begining. Hell, writing this makes me cry.

    Check the side effects of paxil an zoloft (which both take a month to kick in) and prozac (which has horrible withdrawl symptoms and makes you irritable), they ALL say nervousness, and their side effects are absolutely horrible.

    If you're suffering from depression, don't blame yourself for your disease (lack of a better word), use this medicine to get the energy to see that you really can amount to a happier person.


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      Effexor? Are you sure?


      I'm not being disrespectful at all; it's just that I have read so many frightening posts/threads on Psychobabble and other boards which make me feel like I'm having the experience of the poster who is withdrawing from Effexor. They all state similar horrors, like 'brain shivers' and what sounds like an overall bad trip on LSD or something. Most mention feeling like they are coming off of a street drug, and some, who have come off of hard drugs, say it is worse (for them).

      I know everyone is different, but this is the only positive post I've ever read on the subject!

      The newest drug of it's kind, Cymbalta, is Pfizer's version of Effexor, also an SSRI and Neurepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, which I researched before hearing the drug reps' presentation on why the two neurotransmitter effecting antidepressants are so much more effective than SSRIs alone. And there is an even newer one which is more in the MAOI category.

      The problem lies in diagnoses. For example, during the clinical trial for Cymbalta, a non-depressed female with normal adjustment/behavior, hung herself to death on the test site.

      My cousing told her MD that she was having headaches lately and was stressed out at home; however, that is situational depression, as her husband doesn't help out with their daughter, she had just started a new teaching job and has no history of depression whatsoever. The MD gave her Cymbalta, which really pissed me off. Cymbalta was marketed as being different from other antidepressants because it was also indicated for pain. That's horse********************, IMO, because you and I know that that is a broad statment to make about Neurepiniphrine.

      I just think they should regulate who prescribes what to whom.