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small round blue pill-mano 10

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  • small round blue pill-mano 10

    says MANO 10 on one side other
    side has a line thru it....

    thx in advance

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    Your pill is 10mg diazepam (Valium) made in India


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      thx cat. great help


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        mamo 10

        I took two of these light blue mana 10 (marked) pills and within 25 mins people were woundering what was wrong with me but I felt fine. This is the problem with them you feel fine but realy your a dribberling mess. Some are stronger than others but the worst side effect about them is that they make you very aggresive causeing me to loose my job. Not a good time to loose a job But to me i was feeling normal and in the right. Within 2 weeks I must have taken 50 alltogether. I have not taken any for 2 days and every one has noticed me coming back to myself again. I would not advised anyone to take them. Another alarming sideffect was loss of ballance. Sometimes I could not walk in a stright line, just kept leaning to the right, to the point where if there was no hedge or wall to stop my fall I would have been on the floor. Maybe this was due to the amount of the pills I done or just a side effect. Not worth taken, the more you take the more you need untill you end up a dribberling mess.
        1 or 2 at night if you cant sleep but thats it and then watch yourself.