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large white and green capsule 30 mg hcd

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  • large white and green capsule 30 mg hcd

    Can anyone identify this? It is a fairly large half white half green capsule. The bottle says HCD 30 mg but thats all. My internet search hasn't turned up anything. It has no markings on the actual pill.

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    Can anyone help with this? I realize that without markings it is very hard to identify, but does anyone know what the HCD means? These are pills from when I was recovering from my car accident and I'd like to identify them.


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      Without an imprint it's impossible to ID, but lack of an imprint means it's not an Rx or OTC med in the US. It could be a vitamin, herbal, energy, diet supp, even foreign or illicit.
      I have no idea what HCD stands for, sorry.


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        Hmmm.... well I'm sure its not elicit.... after my car accident the pharmacy occaisonally specially mixed my medications... does anyone know if it is possible that they would put it in an unmarked capsule or is that illegal ( my memory from after the car accident is admittedly fuzzy)?

        I will probably flush them to be safe... just wish I knew what they were first.

        Thanks for the response... I appreciate it.


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          That's a really good question! I suppose it is possible it is something specially compounded, the thought never occurred to me.
          Were you on pain medication? I guess it's possible that HCD is abbreviated for hydrocodone, which isn't available over the 10mg dosage unless specially prepared, but then why go to all that trouble instead of prescribing something stronger like morphine or oxycodone. All this is only a guess you know, why not take the bottle to the pharmacy and ask. Let me know what you find out if you do.


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            Actually I decided to buck up and call my pharmacist right after I posted this.... not sure why I didn't do this earlier. It is in fact 30 mg of hydrocodone (and 600mg Acetametaphin). She also explained that since I was on mscontin they couldn't use IR morphine and apparently I had a bad reaction to the oxycontin (honestly I have no memory of this, but as I said there was some seriously fuzzy days/weeks during recovery). I was really suprised she remembered all this, but then she said it was the only time in her 20 year career she had ever received an order to mix that so it was memorable.

            She also told me to get rid of the pills since such a high level now could really cause respatory problems without proper monitoring...

            Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it.


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              You could pour a smaller portion of the capsules contents onto some food if needed.