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Round white pill with M on one side and 3 on other

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  • Round white pill with M on one side and 3 on other

    any clue what this is?

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    Boxed M 3 is Generic Tylenol #3 (300mg Acetaminophen/30mg Codeine)


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      Thanks Cats.. I never had any problems with the search function on the site before it was redone, but I havent had much luck with this new pill identifier. I think maybe I am putting too much info in it. I know the old way it was, I could always find what I was looking for with the search, now I have had to ask twice since they changed the boards. I do like the new look and all though.

      Ok, I ended up finding this on the web, and it says even though it has codeine in it, it isn't for pain?? It's not listed as an opiate, but an anelgesic (sp?). No m,atter, I never could take codeine w/out getting sick. My sister told me it was an oxycodone, but I didn't think so. The boxed M made me wonder though, since I know that's on Tylox.

      Again, thanks for the help.


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        I'm not sure what you were looking at, but of course a T3 is for pain, duh!
        Analgesic means pain reliever.

        You have to be really careful with the boxed M pills, Mallinckrodt makes pills that are very similiar. Like a boxed M 4 is a T4 (codeine 60mg) M 4 (no box) is 4mg Dilaudid (hydromorphone)- which is 50 times stronger!!
        Then there's a boxed M 5 score that's 5mg Oxycodone-IR (maybe it's what you're calling Tylox, it's not) and a M (no box) 5 which is generic Ritalin 5mg (methylphenidate) - BIG difference.

        Tylox is 5mg oxycodone/500mg apap, usually a capsule.