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small blue triangle pill

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  • small blue triangle pill

    I need help in identifying a pill I found in my daughter's room after her friends were here for a sleepover.

    It is small, deep blue, blank on one side and either an M or a W on the other depending on which way you hold it.

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    Phentermine (diet pill)

    My wife just ordered some Phentermine supposedly from Canada (they actually came via USPS with a Pakistan return address), and the pills are exactly as you described.

    I found your posting because I've been searching the internet trying to confirm their authenticity. I haven't yet been able to confirm who manufactures these pills or that they are indeed Phentermine.

    Be advised that Phentermine is a narcotic, and although I haven't heard of people abusing them as such, it is technically possible. I think it's unlikely for kids to abuse this drug, though, because it is extremely expensive. I am sure there are much cheaper narcotics that can be abused.


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      Phentermine is an anorectic; it's not a narcotic.

      Phentermine is probably abusable since it's chemically related to amphetamine, a stimulant.

      Bcattani, could you please take a photo or scan of this pill? It would help us and other posters who inquire about the tablet in the future. Thanks.


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        I also have one of these pills and cannot find any information about it at all. I have scanned one but have no idea how to put the image in my post....

        If anyone can help identify it, I would greatly appreciate it. My sister ordered these off the interenet jut like bcattini's wife did and arrived in a plain white envelope from Pakistan - surely these are not really phentermine tablets?

        Thanks in advance for any help.


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          You need to use a web host and paste the link back here in your post.
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            Picture/Scan of Blue Triangle Pill

            This should be a link to a scan that I took of this tablet - any help is greatly appreciated!!


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              Originally posted by needstoknow View Post

              This should be a link to a scan that I took of this tablet - any help is greatly appreciated!!

              Hi! I am new here, just registered because I found this post while conducting a search online for this SAME pill. My sis also received this in the mail from Pakistan, and was told it was Phentermine.

              Can anyone help us? I cant seem to find ANY information on this pill...I am quite concerned as well because I know my sister paid alot of money to get "Phentermine"...and this is what she got, I have never seen any Phentermine that looks like this and I am starting to think this is a fake and she was duped


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                Exactly the same thing

                I can't believe I found this forum. My sister received the same pills today, from pakistan. it is the exact pill that you have scanned in, with the W on it. they are labeled as phentermine, but they do not look like anything posted on the web.

                If anyone can verify this please help. i have asked my sis not to take them because they may not be what they say they are.


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                  any updates since you've posted?


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                    They come in red too...


                    I had a very similiar situation last weekend. The pill I found looks identical to the picture posted, except it is a red-ish/brown color (think burnt umber). After grilling the girls who were over, one finally admitted to owning it and said she too had purchased phentermine online, it arrived in an envelope with foreigh postage, with pills in a small plastic ziploc, with '60' magic markered on the outside. She said she felt safe taking them because the '60' was written in English! Needless to say, she had been taking them up until I discussed the extreme dangers of her actions, and she was of the opinion that they were NOT the same as phentermine she had taken before.

                    I doubt I cleared anything up for anyone else, but I wanted to let others know that they exist in red now. Almost like this 'w' company borrowed M&Ms' business plan.


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                      any luck with ID?

                      has anyone been able to confirm the identity, strength, or manufacturer for these tablets? I too have found some blue, triangular tablets with a "W" on one side.


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                        Hi there.. I just ordered Phentermine 37.5mgs; oddly it's the same blue triangular pill as seen in this discussion forum. Anyway, the customer service person said that they had to disguise the pill to get it through customs. I have taken these for many years they are usually a white pill with blue specs. This blue triangular pill with M or W is new to me too. As for people who found these pills in there children's room. Please note that these pills mix with alcohol makes you very very drunk and that is one of the many reasons why this pill has been taken off the market and made very hard to purchase. These pills are definitely a stimulate and if you have any heart problems I would highly recommend NOT taking them.