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Please Help Small Blue Triangle Pill

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  • Please Help Small Blue Triangle Pill

    I found this pill when my daughter's friends left after a sleepover, I'm very concerned. I have searched the internet and can find no reference to it at all.


    The pill is a deep blue color and is triangle in shape. One one side it has a capital W or an M depending on which way you hold it and the other side is blank.

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    Phentermine (diet pill)

    My wife just ordered some Phentermine supposedly from Canada (they actually came via USPS with a Pakistan return address), and the pills are exactly as you described.

    I found your posting because I've been searching the internet trying to confirm their authenticity. I haven't yet been able to confirm who manufactures these pills or that they are indeed Phentermine.

    Be advised that Phentermine is a narcotic, and although I haven't heard of people abusing them as such, it is technically possible. I think it's unlikely for kids to abuse this drug, though, because it is extremely expensive. I am sure there are much cheaper narcotics that can be abused.