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round tan/beige/orange pill prescribed for pain P on one side 50 on other

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  • round tan/beige/orange pill prescribed for pain P on one side 50 on other

    for those who didn't catch the whole subject line: round tan/beige/orange pill prescribed for pain, P on one side 50 on other. They are round like a disc, not a sphere and are not scored in anyway. The imprint of both the p and the 50 are printed in black ink, not actually "imprinted" but stamped. The 50 is a standard font and the P is a hollow boxed letter. Please tell me what this drug is used for and if you happen to know if it is an abused drug by recreational users as I found it under suspicious circumstances.

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    Also, just for your info, this pill was prescribed by a Canadian doctor, not american, within the past 2 years I am pretty sure, and I believe it is possible it was prescribed for a severed finger recovery


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      P 50 is 25mg Diphenhydramine HCl, an antihistamine used to treat or prevent allergy symptoms, to treat Parkinson's disease, to prevent nausea or vomiting, or to cause sedation.
      It's not something usually taken recreationally.


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        is there any chance you can verify this pill with a picture, I really don't think this is a prescribed gravol pill


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          From what I understand, the markings on the pill in the hyperlink read "p50" on one side of an oblong pill. The pill I have has the markings of a P on one side, 50 on the other, and it is round, not oblong. It very well could be run of the mill gravol, is there any reason gravol would be prescribed for any aspects of a finger reattachment. Is there any common painkillers with similar markings out there? Is there any sort of oxidation/bleach test, solubility or otherwise in order to point me in the right direction as to what this pill could be? I just don't understand why a 16 year old would go through the effort of raiding someones extensive prescription pill collection and take only these? I doubt it is because he is suffering from motion sickness and he refuses to tell me if he has taken the pills or not.
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            The ID info in the link is for a round pill, not oval, but you're right it's P50, not P 50, so you are right to question it's ID. Sorry, I'm not finding anything else conclusive, it being Canadian makes it more difficult.
            Gravol has many uses, it may or may not be prescribed for his condition, there's no way to say for sure, it's most common use is for nausea, not just from motion sickness, but to help keep other drugs down.

            Yes, there's many lists published, but not in one definitive space, that I've seen. Search engines aren't showing for P 50, if it were a narcotic analgesic it probably would have shown up by know, even being Canadian.

            Good luck.
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              Thank you so much for your help, you a very knowledgeable and helpful individual, I hope I can find a useful field test to possibly rule out any narcotics or stimulant based substance, I don't really care what it is if it isn't a controlled substance, any thoughts are appreciated, thanks again for the help.