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Whit round pill with an r on one side...

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  • Whit round pill with an r on one side...

    My sister's friend gave her a white round pill with an r on top and a w and other smudged letters on the other side. she said it made her feel stupid and dumb(kind of dizzy and numb). I really want to know what it is 'cause my sister doesn't know what it is and it may be bad and i want to know what it's made out of too. please hurry 'cuase tommorow my sister's friend is going to offer her four more and i want to know what it is -fast!
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    See other post. Your story changed BTW.


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      i don't know if we have the same pill.

      round white pill w/ R on front and back blank


      This one has me stumped! I've searched everywhere and can't find this pill. It is a round white pill the size of a Tylenol. The front has a fancy capital R and it is inside a slightly rounded box. The back side of the pill is blank.

      The R is strange and hard to describe. It's not the symbol for Purepac.
      Picture a capital P and before the P makes the front leg to form an R, the bottom loop of the P sort of flips back over the straight line, and then all in one motion kicks down to complete the R. This makes the bottom of the R slightly look like a small slanted x. I wish I could describe it better. The whole R looks slightly slanted and is inside a rounded box. The back side is blank. It is slightly similar to the symbol for Purepac, only a bit fancier. Any help would be appreciated.

      i cut and pasted this entry from 2005. i have the pill described above. WHAT IS IT?


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        I'm not sure I understand, I think you're saying an R with an X combined like RX written in cursive? And this logo is inside of a box?
        Is there anyway you can take a picture of it and post it here with a webhost link?