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Pill found with M 4 on it, is this dilaudid?

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  • Pill found with M 4 on it, is this dilaudid?

    i recentely found a small white pill under a co workers desk. the only markings on it are, on the front an (M), and the back a number (4)it is a small round tablet. I am worried it may be some form of narcotic! i know that this person takes several prescriptions from the docor as the were severly injured in a crash some years back , leaving the person all but immobile, having lmost losing a leg and arm below the elbow. i have seen similair pills they take that are yellow with a running(K) on the front and a (4) in the back. They told me it was a very powerful narcotic called dilaudid, my spelling may be off, but the one i found is white with the (M) (4) instead. Anyone have any clues of to what this pill is, what class drug it is and any other informtion? i dont want to get them in trouble, just perhaps get them help, so as they can keep thier job.
    Thank you
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    The pill you have described may be the generic Dilaudid® manufactured by Mallinckrodt.
    The drug contained in this pill is Hydromorphone 4 mg
    Description: White/Round Tab
    Identification Code: Debossed with M one side; 4 on the reverse side
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      Thanks for the help, that's just what it is. Thanks again
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