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Round blue pill no markings

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  • Round blue pill no markings

    I recently ordered some 5mg Diazepam tablets online which on delivery I found out came from Serbia. They have arrived in a blister pack which looks quite professional and the pack is marked Diazepam 5mg tablete(sic).
    The tablets are pale blue, round convex shaped and 8mm in diameter. There are no markings on them at all.
    Any ideas please?
    Thank you.

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    Round blue pill

    I received some pills today which look similar to what you have described. Small light blue, round and scored on one side. However, there are no imprints or markings what so ever. I know these came from Costa Rica. These were supposed to be 37.5g phentermine but I'm very doubtful and will not risk taking them. Please keep me posted on what you have found regarding your pills. EM


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      Many foreign pills are round, blue, and unmarked, there's no way to say what they really are, we must have an imprint, even then, foreign pills are difficult to ID, most aren't in our US databases, there's no good foreign database, sorry.