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  • i need to identify

    i found a bottle of small yellow pills, 1 side has a 33 on it, the other side has an unusual mark, sort of like an 9 and 6 side by side, only the round part of the 9 and 6 is angled. could anyone please help. i tried the online description sites with no luck. thanks.

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    i still havent found any one who can identify these pills. if anyone can help, please reply. thank you. if you can give me another site to check, that may help also. Good Day. Mr.Nastee


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      can anybody help? ive had 0 responses. ill help anyone with indentification if i can . thanks


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        We're trying to help. Sorry about ignoring the question, but that means we can't find anything.

        Could this be a Canadian pill or are you sure it's US?

        I don't think it's Duramed's logo because, no matter how you turn the pill, it still looks like a d and p to me. That company makes a lot of contraceptives, most with two numbers - but I can't find 33.

        Ivax's logo is an hourglass or bowtie shape but it could look like a very angled 9 and 6 together maybe. I can't find an Ivax pill with just two numbers except OTC generic Zantac 75. But if we can identify the company, a quick phone call should get the question answered.

        Plug this link into your browser and look at the logo on the pill. This is not your pill - just tell us if the logo looks similar to what you have.

        Thanks. And we'll go from there, okay?


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          thank you Kirby. That makes sense. im checking into the link you provided. ill report back. Mahalo.


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            I looked at the pic you asked about. It looks similar to that logo, but the triangled parts have an extended line from each one.( makes perfect sense, right? LOL) Is it possible to post a scanned pic of the pill? if so, i can probably pull that off. thanks again for looking into it for me. Mr. Nastee.


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              This one also has me beat - sorry...
              I was thinking along the same lines as kirby and checked all the Duramed products at with no luck


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                Thanks Robo for checking it out. These were found by my sis in her 16 year old son's closet in his shoe. She told me that the bottle they were in had a piece of paper with this on it: little yellow zippers...........take 1 as needed every 4 hrs. maybe it will help.

                mahalo, Mr. Nastee


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                  I don't think it's possible to scan a picture here on this forum. I can give you another forum where you can do so if we don't solve the problem soon.

                  Okay, let's do as Robo mentioned and try Duramed.

                  Check this link - type cenestin in the search box and look at the logo.


                  We'll find it (I hope!), since you are so nice to keep coming back and helping us help you.

                  Great interaction helps make great boards.


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                    Do you think little yellow zippers could be a street name?

                    I checked this out further and found Yellow bam, Yellow bullets,
                    Yellow dimples, Yellow fever, Yellow jackets, Yellow powder, Yellow submarine and Yellow Sunshine

                    but no Yellow Zippers


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                      Yes, Robo is correct (as always!)

                      I've heard of "yellow zippers" as a street name for generic 2 mg Xanax bars. Could be other "yellow zippers," but my knowledge is limited to pharmaceuticals.

                      Purepac is the only US generic Xanax bar I know of that is yellow, but it's imprinted R (fancy R) 039.


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                        i checked that site also. the logo is close to that, but not it. I am gonna ask my sis to photo the pill and sent it to me so i can scan it and then ill put it on my website on Angelfire. If you guys need any DMV information, Kirby, Robo, let me know. I have a bro that is an officer in the agriculture dept. in Fla. He can help out. thank you guys again. Very nice to have people looking out. Mr. Nastee


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                          i finally found out they are. Generic Klonopin from Canada. Thanks for all of your help Kirby, Robo.



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                            Thanks for letting us know what the pills are. [8D]

                            Do you by any chance know the manufacturer so we can look up the logo? It might help someone else in the future.