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  • Tylenol 5 ??

    Hi i was in mex today i live close to san diego and got some zithromax for my mom but was looking at there pain meds for a shoulder problem. i didnt buy any cuz there were to many to pik from! but the stuff that wasnt 10 a pill or 5 a pill -yikes pricey- was tylenol 2 3 or 5...? my sister got the tylenol 5 - 10 of them.. but what the hell is it? haha i know is got codine in it but what does it mean.? thanks alot.. they are small round scored dark peach and no marks whatsoever... sounds scary haha thanks for any info mary lee email: [email protected]

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    I've never heard of a Tylenol 5, I know McNeil doesn't make one, I believe there is no such thing, T4's have 300mg acetaminophen and 60mg of codeine.
    As you suspected, Mexico sells many bogus pain meds, stay away from the Neo-Percodan, it isn't Percodan nor does it contain any Oxycodone.


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      Also, who knows what your sister bought? There's no way to say for sure without an imprint.
      Was the Zithromax imprinted? If so could you give us a description, color/shape/imprint, foreign imprints are hard to come by.
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