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Round White pill imprint 215

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  • Round White pill imprint 215

    Round white thick pill with only imprint 215. Please help.

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    Two pills come up for 215, Metformin 7.5mg a diabetes drug and Ortho Tri-Cyclen a BC pill, since birth control pills are always small, that might be a clue to which one you have.


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      Another bit

      Ok, some more information...
      The poison control did not know what it was. The pharmacy didn't either but said it was probably a aspirin, ibuprofen, or tyelnol. I looked through all those, with no luck. There's a chance that it may be some sort of experiemental drug not yet approved by the FDA. I would really like to know. It's round and thick. Kinda looks like a codeine pill. Only has 215 written on one side, and it is not scored. Bigger than a birth control pill.