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white round pill with nl 325 on it

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  • white round pill with nl 325 on it

    I'm new here. Can someone identify a pill I found over the weekend. It is a white round pill that is imprinted with: nl 325 on it. I've called the pharmacy and they don't have it in their database nor does poison control. I'm almost thinking it might be some kind of Norco or generic Norco but not sure. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Your pill is ibuprofen 200 mg.


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      Thank you Kirby. Can I ask you another question? I assumed whatever this pill was it had 325 of something in it. You are saying it only has 200 mg. Why wouldn't it say 200 on it and also what does the "NL" stand for? I'm so glad you found this as 3 different pharmacies couldn't find it nor the poison control center. How did you find it if you don't mind me asking? Can't thank you enough for your help with this.


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        Hi cicihouston,

        Sorry for the late reply.

        I found NL 325 in a subscription database. I didn't double check other databases at the time since my source is excellent and I was running short of time.

        I checked all other databases this afternoon and cannot find confirmation. But, again, the subscription reference is very reliable.

        NL stands for Neil Laboratories. The company makes (or made) acetaminophen and pseudoephedrine for the OTC market. The company also made many pseudoephedrine combo products for the prescription market. I still see some images in the databases, but I'm not sure if the company is still in business.

        A few years ago the DEA discovered that Neil Labs' pseudoephedrine products were the most prevalent products diverted to the black market for meth labs. The DEA then banned the company from using List I chemicals in its products. So it's very possible the company is out of business and is no longer making any type of med.