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  • Oxycodone HCL 20 mg ID

    I have been prescribed Oxycodone for severe arthritic back pain for some time now. The 20 mg oval pill I have been taking, ID 93 31 was correctly noted. The pharmacy has recently changed my RX to a round pill, ID G 162. I cannot find this ID in any publication. There is a GG 162 for an entirely diferrent drug. Am I getting the same drug as in the 93 31? Thank you.

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    G162 is 20mg generic oxycontin it's made by Impax/Dava
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      This may help

      Many drugs aren't on this list. Try this, however. On your prescription bottle, usually on the left just under the name of the drug, it will have the name of the manufacturer of the pills in the bottle (like Watson or Wyeth, etc.). Try going to that company's website to identify your pills. This is probably a generic Oxy. Since the pharmacy just did this, you can also call them to ask questions. Good luck!