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  • biconvex shaped pill

    i was told these pills were xanax they were very small biconvex in shape and white one side was scored with a line down the middle and other side just plan white no imprints does anyone have a idea? the person that told me they were 2mg zanax but i know i have never taking more than a 2 and ahalf xanax these really didnt do anything i took like 5 of them at a time didntnt really feel like i took x but i was drunk so that could be it but i 'm pretty sure that i would have woke up ********************ed up in the morning from that but didnt.. the reason i'm asking is im in the military and i had a bout 31 hours between the last pill taking and the random drug test just wonderin if i might pop.. i have taking a military drug test with xanax in my system and passed so not sure wahts goin g to happen this time....

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    10mg of Xanax to a non-tolerant user in combination with lot's of alcohol is fairly dangerous due to depression of your nervous system. Although if it was Xanax, you would probley be knocked out pretty fast. I'm not trying to preach to you about not partying and what not, you're a big boy and it's your life and you're decision. Just try to realize potential dangers.

    Some drugs that don't mix together are: opioids containing acetamitophen (percocet,vicodin) with alcohol due to liver toxicity.
    Also using alcohol/benzos(xanax, klonopin)/opioids(oxycontin,vicodin) in any combination.

    Anyway.... you're pill cannot be ID'ed without an imprint, sorry.