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Large white round pill with 70 on one side and "Z" or "N" on other

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  • Large white round pill with 70 on one side and "Z" or "N" on other

    I went and picked up my latest prescription of Metformin the other day and noticed the pills are different. It is a large white pill, round in shape with "70" on one side and a "Z" or a "N" on the other. Is this a new generic? I have tried looking it up, but I can't find it anywhere. I even looked for similar meds ex: Glucophage, Fortamet, Riomet, etc. My search is leaving me empty handed. There are numerous stickers on the bottle that say "This is the same medication you have been getting, but color, size, and shape may be different." I am just hoping to find someone who can identify these pills, I am kind of leery about trusting the pharmacist. They have screwed up before. Thanks for reading!

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    Z 70 is metformin 500 mg made by Zydus Pharmaceuticals.


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      Z 70 is 500mg Metformin, it's made by Zydus Pharmaceuticals.
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        Don't worry no screw ups this time. It is Metformin 500 mg. They just changed the look.
        It's used for diabetes. They started me out on that but have increased me to 1000 mg and
        insulin. Have a blessed day.