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  • Blocacid - white and blue capsule

    Recently, I took a trip down to Tijuana, Mexico and came back with an over-the-counter muscle relaxer which I was told was Soma (Carisoprodol). When the pharmacist showed me the box I was nearly 100% sure that what I was buying was somas because I saw the soma generic name carisoprodol written on the box. When I got in the car I became only 75% sure that what I bought was somas because once I opened the box and saw the pills I started to have doubts, since I'd never seen soma sold in a capsule before. Then, once I finally returned home one of my friends took 3 of the large capsules. When he called me the next day I was now only 50% sure these were real somas because he explained how he didn't think 3 of them did anything to him. I was now pretty confused as 200mg of carisoprodol capsules X 3 should normally be very obvious to the person who consumed them. Finally, I decided to try some last night to determine whether they really were somas or not. I took 4, and as far as I could tell... there was really no effect.

    Now, I'm posting here because these, to me, look like absolutely no doubt 100% somas, so I'm really desperate to learn how I could have possibly f*cked this one up. Anyways I took some pictures of the box and the actual pills for anyone interested in identifying these...

    The brand name is Blocacid, made by Collins. The large half-blue/half-white capsules appear to be filled with both Naproxen and Carisoprodol.
    Here are some images:

    front of box
    back of box
    front of capsule sheet
    back of capsule sheet

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    Interesting, Collins does make Carisoprodol, the ones I've seen and bought in Mexico have the Collins bird logo and are round/white, I've never seen or heard or it in capsule form, and yours is in a blister pack so you know it hasn't been tampered with. Soma is usually 350mg. Blocacid (Famotidine) is a generic name for a gastrointestinal med such as Pepcid. The Collins Soma I've had were good, I would think Collins would be reliable.

    Can you tell us if the capsule has an imprint of any kind? If it does please post the image or reply.

    Thanks for the information Brelix, that sucks it ended up being bogus or super weak.


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      When I was taking pictures I popped a capsule out of the blister pack to see if there were any markings or anything on it that was worth taking a picture of, but I didn't see anything. So the capsules are just plain blue and white with no markings on them. I heard some reports from another friend saying that he took 3 capsules (600mg carisoprodol) with food and felt some mild sedation, so it's not completely a lost cause yet. There could be a chance that they're just extremely slow acting and didn't fully metabolize untill I fell asleep like 3+ hours after taking them. Hard to say.

      When I find out more information within the next few days I'll post it. My main question is about the naproxen: WHY is their carisoprodol combined with naproxen in a capsule? Has anyone heard of this combination before? And also, does anyone know how many of these capsules it would be safe to take? I've heard something like 1,250mg of naproxen is the maximum anyone should take in a day... correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.


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        I guess the Naproxen is in there for extra analgesia, I haven't heard of this combo before, but there is/was Soma Compound (Soma+Aspirin) and Soma Compound with Codeine.

        That's Mexico for you. Also don't bother with the Neo-Percodan if you ever go back and try again, it is not Percodan.


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          Thanks for the heads up. When I was there I also purchased a bottle of tramadol. They're 50mg blank white pills with a score across one side. I must say... I realllly like these. It's a really nice codeine-esque sedation and analgesia with none of the grogginess or drowsiness. I'd say it seems like a combination of codeine with aderall because of the alertness it instills. Mexico is not all bad if you buy your substances legally through a pharmacy. Had a bad experience buying things illegally there once.


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            Mexico Soma Blue And White Capsules



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              It doesn't make sense why it's called Blocacid, which means block acid, which is what Pepcid does and call itself Naproxeno/Carisoprodol. The whole thing screams rip off to me.
              Don't think those Mexican "pharmacists" aren't above pulling a switcharoo either on the naive gringos that come over the border.


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                Reply to Blocacid info..

                Hello there,

                I read your information about Blocacid with great interest. I lived in the USA (San Diego) for many many years, and have now retired to South Africa. I have been taking Blocacid - blue/white capsule (from Mexico)for a rather long time now, and find it really works for me as a muscle relaxant and anti inflamatory. I take (one) when needed (for my neck & lower back) and it works like magic. If I take two, it allows me sleep really well. Wish I could find these in South Africa.....


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                  Mexican Soma's

                  Although the dosage is the same as Soma's manufactured in the United States; I have found Soma's from Mexico to be much weaker. You did get a Soma combination with naproxen. Next time you are in Mexico you want to purchase Somacid. It is in a blue and white stripped bottle and is manufactured by Collins. I have to take at least 4 soma's to feel the same effect I would get from taking one or two Watson generic soma's. The Watson brand is made in the United States. It really comes down to the quality of the medication you buy. In the long run it is cheaper for me to take the two hour drive to Nogales and pick up a bottle of 100 350mg soma's from anywhere to $15-$25. Generally, if you buy more than one bottle they give you a cheaper price. If you stick with buying the Somacid you will be satisfied. Just remember it is not as strong so you will need to take more than you normally would with Soma's manufactured in the United States. For me personally taking 3-4 at a time works great. I wouldn't recommend taking more than 4 at a time or else you will be holding up the walls. Oh and one more thing when you cross back into the United States show the pills to the border control agent. They don't care about the pills. I lied once and got the lecture of a lifetime. In the end the officer told me I am allowed to cross with Soma's as long as it is not a large amount. If you get 4 bottles make sure to put all the pills into one pill bottle and you will have no problems.