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round white pill with marking '1N4'

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  • round white pill with marking '1N4'

    Can anyone help me identify a pill that has the marking 1N4. It is a fairly large round white tablet, and I am concerned what it is, as I found it in my house. I have 4 children, eldest is teenage, so hope it is not something illegal!! If anyone could give me some information it would be very much appreciated. I spoke to a pharmacist this morning and she said it was possibly an over the counter generic pill but could tell me no more than that.

    Lee Jones

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    Maybe NL 4? If so it's a 4mg Commit nicotine lozenge


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      This large white tablet described is Nitrazepam (also known as Mogadon or "Moggies") which is a type of benzodiazepine ("Benzo"). Benzos are usually perscribed for panic disorder, anxiety, insomnia and also as something to lessen the effect of withdrawals from alcohol, >>>>>> or methadone.
      Benzos are themselves highly addictive, physically and mentally and I am told by more than one user much worse than withdrawals from other substances. Of course, the more you take and the longer you have been taking them, the worse this is.
      You would need to take everyday or nearly everyday for approx 7-14 days to become physically dependent. A lot of people know that if you drink too much too often you get addicted and the same with using >>>>>>, unfortunatly there is less generally known about benzos and the use illicitly is widespread with a lot of addicts, and not a lot of help for them to recieve.

      I hope this is of help, I realise that I am four years late for the original post!
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