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White Round Tablet Pill with M / 5

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  • White Round Tablet Pill with M / 5

    I have these pills with M inside a box on one side (I think it's the McNeil drug company logo) and 5 on the other side with a scored line to break in half.... If anyone can help me out with this i'd appreciate it.

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    Someone told me they are 5mg Oxycodone but I'm not sure because I can't find them listed on the internet anywhere. Someone please help...


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      They sound like Oxycodone 5 mg Tablets by Mallinckrodt.
      Description: White/Round Tab
      Identification Code: Boxed "M" on one side; 5 on bisected side

      The same company makes a similar looking pill (which is a generic version of Ritalin) but this pill does not have the score line.
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        Thank you so much. Couldn't find it anywhere on the net. Your good . Is this pill much different than regular Oxycontin brand pills (besides a very lower dosage)?


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          Glad to help
          This Oxycodone pill is not controlled release like OxyContin, which contains more drug released slowly over a 12 hour period.