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What's this pill I found???

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  • What's this pill I found???

    I found this pill on the street when I was out with my friends and was wondering what it was because I'd never seen it before. It's round, pink with darker pink and white specks all over it and I think it says "wake up" or "wak up" or "wake ups", it's hard to read what it says exactly because the E on the end of wake is more of a loop at the end of WAK and at the end of UP it has the same type of loop as the E in WAK but it's much smaller and sort of looks like a lower case cursive s. Someone told me it was speed but he's not a reliable source (thinks he's a gangsta). any help identifying it would be appreciated, thanks.

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    It is 100mg.of Caffeine. Made by Adrem Ltd., Canada. It's a Stimulant. And they are called Wake Ups in cursive writing.
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    Mike VG