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Caritop Carisoprodol (generic Soma). fake? I need help

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  • Caritop Carisoprodol (generic Soma). fake? I need help

    Caritop Carisoprodol (generic Soma). They are each a large white, round pill, with nothing on one side and a line through the middle on the other side. They came in blister packs of 10 each. I ordered 90 pills in total. I have taken about 12 of them over the past few weeks. They taste really nasty and bitter. They have an expiration date. I have even tried taking 3 at one time and they didn't seem to affect me. Supposedly they came from India. I cannot find anything on this brand from anywhere. I bought them online at [url] which never answered my e-mails. Maybe I have become immune to them or maybe they are fakes . I am desperately looking for anyone else who has taken this brand or knows anything about it. Please help.

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    Generic soma not fake


    I actually ordered from the exact same canadian website and after many, many weeks I received my package. Same as you described, packets of 10 (pus through) labeled CARITOP. I read your bulletin because I was concerened when I looked at these, I thought they also were fake. But, I took 2 and they indeed did work. Not as great of quality as you would get in the states but they did the trick. Rest at ease-you did not get completely ripped-off.

    Take care


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      I showed my doctor the Caritop gen. Soma's and he ...

      I showed my doctor the Caritop generic Soma's and he said he never heard of the company. I looked all over the web and there are a few mentions of the Caritop brand but, mostly inquiries asking about the brand and drug, nothing solid.

      I showed a full blister pack to my doctor ande he made a good point. He said

      "Yes, there may well be Carisoprodol in these pills but how much? And what else is in them?"

      That was his main concern. When I took them they barely affected me at all.

      CAD2007 and all others, be very careful of Non U.S. drugs!


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        I got the SAME EXACT STUFF. I think it is good you just have to use it right. If you have somewhat of a higher tolerance like I do for asprin/aleve, stuff like that... you probably want to take 3-4 of them at a time. Also, I should add (this is the most irresponsable, unsafe advice one could offer, however) it doesn't hurt to take them with a glass of red wine. Then I dare you to tell me you don't feel anything! Good Luck


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          Klass: Thank you for your response. I will try the wine thing. However, I now get Somas from my doctor and my medical insurance pays for almost all of it. So, no more foreign pills for me.


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            Re: Fake Soma

            Um... I have tried to get drugs from MANY sites including INDIA! When some of them did acyually arrive, they NEVER looked they way they are supposed to. Brave isnt exactly the word I would use for you trying a pill that could KILL YOU! Dont get my wrong, Ive made the same mistake but I got violently ill!
            Can you get a Script from a doc? Even if its from a year ago you can use it for many more reputable sites! If not, consider spending a few more $ on a site that people all over the world use (its like a forum) They rate many over sea's online drug suppliers and have comments etc..
            If I canhelp more let me know. Use "HELP MickiMouse" on the title.
            There are MANY site that have Soma (Carisoprodol) and are legit.


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              fake soma

              I was afraid to do a search on this because I didn't want it to be true. I ordered 180 of these Carisopradol pills and they came exactly as you described. And they are NO GOOD. They do nothing for me whatsoever. I've taken up to 6 in a 2 hour period. I am so upset. I spent a lot of money but I guess that's the risk you take when you order online. I've never had this happen before but this was the first time I ordered from the site that I used. I have it saved on my computer at work so I cannot tell you what site it was ..not the same as yours but the blister packs of pills are just like yours. I think they are just asprin or something .... and learn!