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Butterfly imprint on white pill - what is this?

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  • Butterfly imprint on white pill - what is this?

    I'm trying to identify a small round white pill that has a butterfly imprinted on both sides. Any ideas on what this might be? I'm guessing it might be Ectasy.

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    Okay, I am going to show my stupidity right now because I want to help.

    I have never seen an illegal drug - nor have I even seen the heavy-duty narcotic meds - in real life. But I've seen plenty of pictures.

    Ectasy looks very crude. All the sites that test ectasy pills usually have a smattering of legit pharmaceuticals along with 100s of ectasy photos, and just the difference in the style of markings or shape/misshape of the pill is so obvious to my naive eye. And I can spot the legit meds immediately.

    I don't often see a pic of the reverse side of ectasy. The DEA has a few back sides, and they are usually scored.

    Please excuse my ignorance - I'm sure logos probably exist on both sides. Someone more knowledgeable will have to step in here.

    I'm only telling you this because there is a round, white pill with a "butterfly" logo on at least one side (maybe both sides, I don't know). It's an over-the-counter pain preparation called Mobigesic. Maybe take a look at the company's website at and check out the logo on the website. And look at the Mobigesic pill (under pain products). If it looks the same, you can email the company on site and ask if the logo is on both sides.

    Good luck to you.


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      sounds LIke XTC


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        Sounds liek a pink butterfly (ectasy) to me TAKE [email protected][email protected]@!


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          sounds like menopause medicine sometimes sold as fake extacy


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            its remifemine we be gettin 20 bucks a pop off dumb fukas that buy em its a female menopause pill and you can steal them from any drug store it also tastes like mint if you wet ya shirt and wipe the pill wallah it looks like e