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small red pill please identify

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  • small red pill please identify

    I found a small red pill (resembling a red hot candy), it has a small cc on one side, nothing on the other. Any help will be appreciated.

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    is it a capsule?

    Im taking a shot in the dark and guessing you may think a red hot candy looks different. If it is a ROUND pill that has the consistancy of candy then it is Coriciden, a cough supresent sold over the counter. These pills contain Dextromethorifen (DXM) people will take these pills in mass quantities to obtain an LSD like high drom the DXM. Sorry if I am wrong, or offended you on your knowledge of the shapes of candy, just trying to help.


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      thanks, yes it is a small red round pill. I thought it might be something like that, since the identifying searches point to the c as being coricidin. I appreciate the response, found 3 different types of pills in my sons drawer and want to be armed with information.


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        No problem. If it is infact coricidin, then that can be a BIG deal. Many kids assume that since its an over the counter medication that its no big deal to use consistently, but it actually effects the brain in a way simliar to PCP. I would advise you to do whatever you can to get him help. High Schools are filled with pharmecuticals, these days its easier for teens to get morphine and xanax than a six pack of beer. I had a horrible addiction that still ailes me to this day and it started in high school. I almost wish my parents would have found some of my pills so they could have stopped it before it got out of hand. Best of Luck. Dont get to mad at your son... love and concern are more powerful tools than anger.