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Is this Adderall???

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  • Is this Adderall???

    My Girlfriend useally gets the 30mg orange Adderall tablets. This one time the pharmacy gave her something different and I can't find out any info on it anywhere. Anybody know what this is?
    It's a pink round pill
    one side says: cor 136
    other side: scored in four
    The label on the bottle says: Amphetamine Salt Compound 30mg Tab (Ranbaxy)
    Generic for: Adderall

    She says it doesn't work like the orange pills and is questioning if it's even Adderall. Any info would be helpfull


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    Yes, it's generic Adderall 30 mg (mixed amphetamine salts - 7.5 mg each). It's made by CorePharma and distributed by Ranbaxy.


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      If you go to the FDA website you will find that Ranbaxy is NOT approved to sell this drug in the US. Also, there have been recalls of the Canadian adderall. This may be what your girlfriend received. It is not legal to sell Ranbaxy adderall in the US. I suggest you file a complaint on FDAs website medwatch. Please include the name of the pharmacy this medication was received from.
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        First off, thanks to everyone that replied to this thread. It all makes a lot of sense now. We always knew there was something funny about those pink Adderall
        One more thing. Shouldn't the pharmacy take back the fake (generic) Adderall so she can get the right Medication that is approved by the FDA?
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          Adderall and Adderall XR is not the same.

          Check with your doctor. It sounds like the doctor didn't write XR on the script. Adderall XR 30 mg. is orange and it is a time release medicine. Where Adderall without the XR you'll get a generic which is a salt compound. It works quick and doesn't last as long.
          My daughters take Adderall XR 30mg in the morning and because they are college students and stay up late studying they take Adderall 10mg (which is the salt compound) around 4:00 p.m. They study as late as 1:00 a.m. This allows them to retain the information.
          This generic can cause depression and negative thoughts. Double check with the pharmacy first. They could have made a mistake. (this happened to us)
          If no mistake was made, check with the doctor. Let the doctor know you can tell the difference and want to take the XR. It doesn't wear off as soon.
          One other the thing could be your pharmacy insurance. They require you to take the cheaper one. But this can get a override.
          Once the medication has left the pharmacy they WILL NOT take it back. Unless it was their mistake.
          Good luck.


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            I have some of these pills also...

            I just received a new prescription today from Walgreen's here in Texas for Adderall, and the pills are different this time...they are from CorePharma....Is Ranbaxy the sole distributor for this drug? I did find CorePharma in the FDA Approved Drug List. Should I call Walgreen's? I'm getting concerned here. What is it that is not good about them? Thanks so much. Anne