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Round, Blue pill with dolphin imprint

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  • Round, Blue pill with dolphin imprint

    My friend has acquired some of these, he knows that this is an MDMA pill, but has some questions regarding other possible drugs in the pill.

    He describes the effects of it as definitely MDMA, but there were some other, potentially dangerous effects that came along with it.

    From his limited experience, he believes it to be some kind of stimulant, possibly caffeine or amphetamine. There was a lot of peeing, and although he consumed a good amount of water and 1 soda, it seemed like a lot, which makes him think it may have been caffeine, but it also could have been from the 1 soda. The amphetamine-like affects were - increased concentration, unable to sleep, and when coming down slept too much, 0 appetite, decreased sexual desire.

    Pupils were dilated as to be expected from MDMA, but, at one point, they were shrinking to normal size, then to almost fully dilated, back to normal size, at a constant and steady rate, about 1 cycle of this per 2 seconds. Dosage size was 4 seperate doses of 1 pill each, about every 3 hours. Estimate of pill dose appears to be around 200-250 mg.
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    if you're looking to identify ecstasy, might i suggest using seems to be quite outdated. pillreports may not be the very most reliable seeing as people can make propaganda on whatever pills to try and lower competition (i've confirmed this to be true). it will probably give you a good idea though and you can search for pills by region (north america>Canada/Central/Hawaii/North East/North West/South East/South West, south america>etc., asia>etc., africa>etc., europe>etc., australia>etc.).

    EDIT: i forgot to add that a good amount of people on that site uses testing kits and there is a function that allows replying so multiple users can submit their own opinions on the pill and any other info.


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      ohh i see, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, hadn't heard about that.


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        no problem

        oh and by the way, if they're hard hard pressed, deep blue and hopefully the ones i'm thinking about, you are damn lucky.


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          Just sounds like you got blue dolphins. Ecstasy is named due to the colour and the symbol on the pill.. what's in them? who knows.. only the person who pressed the pill does. You wont know what they used for base, and you never know the dosage of MDMA. But, from past experiences, blue e were speed based for me : ).


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