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yellow lortab?

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  • yellow lortab?

    This may be a little different. I'm trying to find the maker of a pill and its i.d. #
    I have taken them and they worked a lot better than my generics. I need this info to give my pharmacist. The pill is rectangular in shape and yellow in color. I looked it up by number a while back and it said it was a Lortab 7.5.
    If anyone can help I would really appreciate it!

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    The name of this pill is actually Norco. The difference between it and a Lortab is that the yellow one only has 325 mg of acetiminophen in it. The one you're asking about is actually a generic version of the Norco. I have also gotten white ones. I agree they do work alot better than Lortab. Just tell your pharmacist that you're needing a generic Norco.


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      Lortab yellow

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