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small, white pill with absolutely no markings

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  • small, white pill with absolutely no markings

    I just got done having an arm cath last week and my doc prescribed morphine 10mg to me. I went to several pharmacies before finding one that has what I am prescribed... the pills that I received are extremely small and not marked at all. They are white and convex face and scratch away very easily. Did they give me the proper meds?

    Help in Houston

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    No, you did not get the correct med.

    I live in Houston too. In the US all RX, OTC and homeopathic meds are required by law to have a unique imprint.

    How could a pharmacy possibly dispense something without an imprint? Impossible.


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      I don't understand. Every other pill that they have me on has markings.... Levaquin, Warfarin, Chromagen, Promethazine, Zolpidem, and Tramadol. But all of those I had filled at CVS. CVS did not have the pill that I was looking for and so I ended going up to the Atrium Phamacy in Tomball. Right next to Tomball Hospital... I live out that way and when I was calling around to the pharmacies no one would admit to having that drug at that strength. And then today when I went to pick up my script, I received a very small pill with no markings. Also it did NOT take away the pain that I was in at all. How can a pharmacy do that??? I was diagnosed subclavial thrombosis and they did an arm cath that did not work and an angioplasty (sp?). The problem is that the swelling has not gone down and it hurts worse than before. But supposedly my blood clots are gone. I think that the problem is that I am 25? Maybe they thought that the script was fake? All I know is that I have never seen a pill like this but this is the first time that I have been prescribed it. What does morphine 10 mg look like?


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        And another thing, I just called the 24hr Walgreens in my area and they said depending on the manufacturer there are pills that they come across with no markings. That was the Walgreens at Louetta and Stuebner Airline.


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          Oh and on my bottle it says the people who make it is Ranbaxy 63304-0706-01


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            I don't have the time tonight to research this further, but 63304-0706-01 matches as Ranbaxy
            10mg Morphine Sulfate, and I'm finding it listed as a soluble. Could this be why it's lacking an imprint Kirby?
            lilandryn, are you instructed to dissolve it?
            Nevertheless, I don't understand why it doesn't have an imprint, you need to call the pharmacy and find out what the deal is. Something is wrong here, please let us know what you find out.

            And product info I found:

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              You couldn't find 10mg Morphine tabs because it's not made (as far as we know) in that dosage, from out imprint list 15mg is the lowest dose.

              lilandryn, you should also call your doctor, it surly looks like a mistake has been made.


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                Smalll White Pill

                Merck makes 10 mg morphine sulfate tablets


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                  Lilandryn, I apologize. Cats is correct.

                  Morphine is available in soluble tablets for injection and possibly for sublingual administration. According to the images I've seen, the soluble tablets don't have imprints. But I thought those were available for inpatient use only such as in hospitals or hospices. I had no idea soluble pills were available in a retail setting. Every day is a learning experience!

                  How did your doctor instruct you to use the morphine tabs? It sounds like he might not have been very explicit.