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White pill blank both sides. Help Please

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  • White pill blank both sides. Help Please

    I have some white pills they are round with both sides being blank. I compared the size to asprins and this pill is slightly larger. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you all for your time!!!

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    I would just like to add that i have done a search both on the net and on this board with no success!
    Thank you again


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      Hi Hoss,

      Just out of curiousity, how do you search for a pill that has no imprint?

      It's impossible to identify something without an imprint unless you have it tested by a lab.

      No imprint means some kind of vitamin or supplement in the US or an ethical or OTC foreign med or an illegal drug. There is no way to ID a pill without markings.

      It's really strange, but even in Canada a lot of RX meds have no markings - descriptions are given like "round white tablet, scored on one side and available in 24 and 72 count packages." Really helpful information!

      As far as I'm concerned, every med (RX, OTC, supplements, vitamins - US or foreign) should have some unique marking so that the consumer is aware of what he has.


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        I fiqured it was a long shot. i searched by.....white pill.....blank white pill...both sides blank....etc. you get the point. Anyway.....i have no idea what it is for. My ex girlfriend left a bottle(unmarked) with them in it. just wanted to make sure it wasn't useful or harmful


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          Okay, thanks! I can always use more search methods![8D]

          If you are in the US, I think it's nothing harmful - probably calcium or some other supplement.

          If you are not in the US, it could be anything.


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            Could possibly be a 20 mg OxyContin with the coating already taken off.