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Half red, half blue w/ grey stripe around capsule-shaped, solid pill

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  • Half red, half blue w/ grey stripe around capsule-shaped, solid pill

    A friend of mine found a mysterious pill sitting on the floor in his house. It has"TY" in black on the blue half of the pill, and "500" in black on the red half of the pill. There is a white, pill shaped imprint in the grey stripe.

    Initially, we thought it would be a tylenol because tylenol usually comes in 500mg dosages. However, upon asking the advice of an elderly retired nurse, she believes it to be a 500 microgram acid pill.

    Is this pill tylenol? or acid? or is it something else altogether?

    The pill is NOT a gelcap. It is completely solid. It is only in the SHAPE of a capsule. It looks similar to a white 500mg acetaminophen pill, although it is coloured as described above.

    If possible, please provide a picture of the identified pill for 100% confirmation.

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    kirby already ID it for you yesterday as Tylenol 500mg
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      Thank you Cats for helping me. I reposted because Kirby told me it was a gelcap. It didn't really look like a gelcap to me, considering it was a solid pill. I asked again to be 100% sure what it was.


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        Hi Legend,

        Thanks for thanking Cats and also for explaining why you asked the same question again.

        We understand completely and are glad you noticed.

        We call the pill a gelcap because the manufacturer does. Whenever we photograph a pill and add the template, we try to use exactly what the manufacturer does.

        This Tylenol gelcap is an extra-strength caplet sort of painted with two colors of 'paint' and divided by another band 'paint job'. McNeil calls it a 'gelcap' so we do too.

        You can find more info on the Tylenol website: