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White oblong pill with cursive V and 5113

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  • White oblong pill with cursive V and 5113

    This is a white oblong pill with the imprint cursive V and 5113. Can you help me identify it please. Thank You
    Leigh Best

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    5113 V is Propoxyphene 100mg/Acetaminophen 650mg (Darvocet N 100)


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      Which is Darvocet


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        Suboxone help

        I cant figure out how to post a new thread so I used this area.
        I had a Norco addition for a year due to back problems, Went to re-hab and am taking suboxone (for 2 weeks now) I am having surgery tomorrow and will have to take pain meds. I took 2 4mg of suboxone yesterday. Does anyone know if i will be able to take pain meds (vicodin) tomorrow. I am really over the addiction. The subox helped me so much. I have never been an addict, just took too many pain pills because I had disc problems which I am getting repaired tomorrow. Since I'm not taking subox today, I will probably need to take a couple of Norco tonight. Any input on this is greatly appreciated.
        Thanks a million


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          It takes like 4 days after the Sub wears off before any opioids will begin to work. You may think you're over your addiction, but you will still have wd's, so really you're not over it.