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Help- what is this pill? White oblong 142

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  • Help- what is this pill? White oblong 142

    Thick, white oblong pill with 142 on one side....?

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    142 is 500mg Metformin Extended Release (Glucophage) a diabetes drug.


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      142 pill IS Metformin (generic for Glucophage)

      I was checking because I could not believe how much smaller is than the other generic brands! The old ones are like HORSE PILLS! even big name generic like Watson version. Why is it this company making the 142 version can make this same stinkin drug so much more compact? Especially since some of the other generics are so fricken NASTY tasting! Combine the nasty taste with the "too big to hardly swallow" factor and you have pills folks are going to really sit there and question the benefit to gag w spoon (BTW that clinically is referred to as the B:GWS ratio)
      So far just based on size and texture alone (142 is smooth without powdery residue in bottle) the 142 metformin pill is the hands down CHOICE generic version of Glucophage. and for all know it might be way nicer than the brand name itself though I have not seen those.