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    I am needing help identifying 3 tablets and 1 capsule made in Korea for a patient of mine in my hospital. I have search several ID websites with no luck.
    tablet 1 is round, white, partial score, with markings KW on side w/o score
    tablet 2 is round, white, side 1: 25, side 2: SK
    tablet 3 is 6-sided, white, partial score, side 1: HMP, side 2 (w/score) AM above score, and 5 below score.
    capsule is white with red Korean markings. The top marking looks like maybe the manufacture name or the name of the drug (I am guessing as I do not know Korean) it has 2 symbols in this word - first looks like a upside down L with a o at the bottom right, second symbol is an oval on top with a rightward facing prong-shaped symbol next to a rectangle on bottom. Next to these 2 symbols is an arrow ">" that is shaped out of 3 diamonds.
    Ok now the bottom "word" is made of 4 Korean symbols.
    Here goes from Left to right
    1st - top symbol is a "hockey stick" laying flat with foot portion facing down on right hand side, below this "stick" is 2 slashes "//" and what looks like a reverse "s" or a "2".
    2nd - this symbol looks like a capital "C" only with straight lines on 3 sides
    3rd - top symbol is a straight line, bottom symbol is a curved out "v"
    4th (and last) - is a vertical line with a reverse capital "C" (once again made of straight lines) attached to the vertical line only at the top.

    Can anyone at all help me!?!?!

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    Foreign, and especially Asian pill imprints aren't in our databases, they are very difficult to ID, sorry I can't help you.