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What pill is this?

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  • What pill is this?

    I did an exhustive search of the web, but got no joy.

    It's a pink oblong/oval pill w/ "A59" on one side and the other side is smooth.

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    I was searching for this pill too. I found the following link that has information about this pill.

    Apparently it is a new generic version of Paroxetine (Paroxetine hydrochloride) 40 mg produced by Aurobindo Pharma. If you scroll to the bottom of the web page link it describes the 40 mg tablet as pink, oval with an A59 imprint.

    I was curious about this myself since I just got a refill from my pharmacy and this pill looks different than what I normally get. I usually get a white pill with APO on the front and 101 on the back. I guess this is just the difference between manufacturers.

    I hope this answers your question.


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      Thanks Loads!

      I started my search for the same reason as you did, but your search skills definately beat mine. Appreicate the link, good stuff.