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Dark Green Pill, No Imprints...What is this?

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  • Dark Green Pill, No Imprints...What is this?

    I found several dark green pills, they're a bit shiny and they're oval shaped but they have no words at all to give me any hint of what they might be.
    My brother claims that they are creatine pills, and just to clarify i didn't go snooping they're left out in the open where you can see them as in the living room coffee table and today my dad asked me to put them in my brothers room... i've tried a few internet searches to see if i could find a picture to match to back up his claim that they were creatine but i haven't been successful. i CAN take a photo with my digital camera and post it on here if that would help anyone maybe help me identify what this pill is??

    thanks for any help


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    Sorry, but it's not possible to identify a pill that has no markings.