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  • Maroon Capsule

    I've come across an unmarked maroon capsule that is uniform and smooth around. I think it's maroon but it could possibly be considered red-brown. I was told that it is 20 mg of adderall but there isn't any markings so I am skeptical. Does anyone know if it is adderall> Or could it be something else?

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    more info... i opened one up and there's brown liquid on the inside. I'm thinking vitamin but I don't know. Any ideas?


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      If it were an OTC or Rx drug it would have an imprint, they're req by law to have one, it's prob a vitamin or something along those lines. We can't ID a pill without an imprint, sorry.


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        Oval, Dark Maroon Pill, No Markings

        I found a baggie containing 10 of these pills after my 15 year old son had several friends sleep over. The place where I found it made me suspicious, however I haven't been able to identify the pill. At least one of the boys said it was cranberry. Is there such a thing? What would it be used for, why would teenage boys have it & why would it be hidden?
        Thanks for the help.


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          Dont kid yourself .. You asked the "key" question What would a room full of 15 year old boys want with Cranberry Pills?????? They're probably not cranberry


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            Maroon Capsules, Unmarked

            Figured it out. The kids are using cranberry capsules to mask pot use.