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Red pill with 575 on one side and Ps on another

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  • Red pill with 575 on one side and Ps on another

    This pill is small, round, and a reddish color. On one side it has two letter Ps facing one another on the other side it has the number 575, any ideas? that would be great, thank you

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    red pill, 575 and 2 ps facing one another

    I have a pill that is round, small and reddish in color. On one side of the pill is the number 575 ( assuming this is the mg amount) on the other side of it looks like two Ps facing one another, if looked at from another angle it looks like the number 8 with a line crossed through it, if anyone has any ideas or knows what it is, thank you.


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      DP (logo looks like an 8 with a line through it) 575 is desogestrel 0.15 mg and ethinyl Estradiol 0.03 mg, an oral contraceptive.


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        Could be generic ortho cept which is a birth control pill.
        Described as being pink, 575 with DP on the side.