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Clear capsule - reddish brown powder - no imprint

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  • Clear capsule - reddish brown powder - no imprint

    I've been worried about a baggie of pills I found in my 18 year old daughter's purse. I'm assuming, because of no imprint, they are either a supplement, diet pill or some street drug. She has been acting a bit off and has been losing weight. Also found a receipt for a de-tox drink. She came home the other night and seemed high, but she had also worked a double. Pharmacy tech and GNC couldn't help me and I can't find anything online. Would like any input as I will need to address this with her and her propensity to lie her way out of things is amazing so the more info I have the better. Thank you so much for any help.

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    Sorry, it's impossible to hazard a guess, but it's probably herbal something or another.
    You're a good mom!


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      Thank you so much for responding. I sure try to be.