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Yellow pill found--no imprints

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  • Yellow pill found--no imprints

    I found a round yellow pill on our sofa--I know it's not mine. It is scored on one side, but there isn't an imprint on the other side. My husband told me it's Valium, but I looked up the images for that drug and it doesn't look like that at all. I also tried looking up the generic form (Diazapam) and those all had imprints on them. I'm afraid of what this is--it makes him "dopey"--he pretty much sleeps after he pops these. I'm afraid they're in the narcotic family--or worse, that he's now buying pills on the street. Can anyone help me?

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    Sorry, there's no way to ID a pill without an imprint. All Rx and OTC drugs in the US are required by law to have an imprint, otherwise it could be a vitamin, herbal, energy, diet, foreign or illicit.


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      I was afraid of that. I'd read a similar response to another post. I doubt it's something harmless knowing my husband's track record. But thanks for responding.