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Help me identify this Birth Control Pill

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  • Help me identify this Birth Control Pill

    I took this pill for acne and it was wonderful as I experienced no side effects. It's been nearly 5 years since taking it and I would not mind using it for actual birth control.

    I can recall that the pills were all the same color (cream - pale yellow) , they were a glossy and smooth pill, not chalky,came in 21s and a pink cellophane container. Yeah, that may not help considering the number of pills with pink packaging now.

    I'd like to have this information to mention to my doctor. Of course, my body chemistry may have changed from being 19 so she may want me to try another pill.

    So, despite the semi-vagueness, does anyone know what pill I am describing? Has anyone taken or is taking the pill I have described?

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    BCP's are frequently all the same color, that's not enough info to work from, sorry. The brand name really shouldn't make any difference.


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      Hmm, perhaps. I'll still bring it up with my doctor and if she'd prefer to put me on something else then I'll go for it.

      Thank you!