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Small round blue tablet imprint - msj????

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  • Small round blue tablet imprint - msj????

    I found my son with a bag full of these tablets in his room the other day, i am concerned as he says he takes them for his anxiety but i have asked my friends, they no nothing, i have done as much as i can to try and find any info on these on the net but with no joy. There is no other imprint apart from 'msj' on one side and a snap line on the other. He is claiming they are Valium but without any way to identify, he couldn't possibly no, could he?

    Any help on identifying these pills would put be the first step for me to be able to try and help him out, i hear about dodgy pills quite often, I'm just desperate for some information. Has anyone came across these and does anyone know exactly what they are?

    Thank you in advance for taking time to read this.

    Miss C.Cottom

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    My friend has just bought some efigine (if thats how its spelt) today with that same code on they are small aswell but they are white.