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Veterinary pill blue round NO MARKINGS at all

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  • Veterinary pill blue round NO MARKINGS at all

    I would post this in the vet forum but nobody seems to frequent that much.
    I was cleaning out my medicine cabinets and came across an unmarked bottle of blue pill that a rescue lady gave to me for one of my foster dogs. That was a year or two ago and know I don't know what they are anymore. If they are expensive, I don't want to throw them out. Have you got any ideas? It's probably something common, like a dewormer or an antibiotic. They are the blue like the top of the Internet Explorer window. About the size of a tylenol. Completely round. No markings. Does that mean it's an herbal if there are no markings?

    I have tried searching and going on Pill ID websites, but not many of those are for veterinary meds.

    Thanks for any help. I'm mostly curious and not really looking to use these in the future. I just have that annoying "I can't remember" feeling and I have to find out what they are!

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    Veterinary meds are usually imprinted, but that may not always be the case with certain things such as de-worming pills like you mentioned. Even if you had an imprint the chances are slim that we would be able to ID it, there's no real database for vet meds, some we do know, but we usually have to rely on our personal databases.
    Since it lacks an imprint it's impossible to guess, I doubt a Veterinarian would even hazard a guess, but why not drop in and ask at the desk?