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Help me Identify this pill White oblong NVR 020

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  • Help me Identify this pill White oblong NVR 020

    I work in a treatment facility and found a white capsule opened with no contents. The only marking on the capsule is NVR 020. It is a plastic type capsule. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Imprint: NVR D20?
    Brand name/Drug: Focalin XR
    Strength: 20 mg
    Manufacturer: Novartis Pharmaceuticals

    There is no information about a capsule labeled NVR 020, do you mean a NVR D20? Cause Novartis uses the NVR to label their drugs.

    A NVR D20 white capsule would be Focalin XR (extended release methylphenidate; methylphenidate is commonly known as Ritalin) and it's strength is 20 mg. It is a stimulant related to in effects and structure, amphetamines and is used it the treatment of ADHD and many of the things amphetamines are used for.

    If you are trying to get high, well mixing/eating random drugs is very risky man.