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please help - round peach pill with MX32 imprint - citalopram?

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  • please help - round peach pill with MX32 imprint - citalopram?

    hello -

    i had a recent issue with my pharmacy making a major mistake with my prescription. this time when i went to refill my citalopram they told me it was a new manufacturer, so it'll look different. i can't find it anywhere. it is round, peach, and has an imprint that says MX32. it is supposed to be citalopram 20mg. can anyone verify this? thanks.


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    It's not in the Citalopram imprint list, or our databases as of yet, if it is. I guess it's too new, we usually know the new imprint codes before the databases are updated.

    Does your pill bottle or pharm print out sheet say who the mfr is? Maybe I/we can track it down from the mfr, but it's common that they don't update thier imprints on their sites.

    Are you in the USA?

    MX 32 doesn't hit on anything else.

    Can you take a picture of it and post it here so that we can add it to our image database? You would need to upload it first to an image host, then paste it's link in your reply message.
    Thanks, Cats


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      i can do that tomorrow when i get a chance.

      the manufacturer is mylan. and yes, i am in the usa.

      thanks for the help.


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        Thanks, I checked the Mylan site, MX 32 comes back as 20mg citalopram, but no image is available.
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          thank you so much. would you believe i didn't think to even check their website? that makes me feel better. and like i said, when i get a chance tomorrow, i will post a picture for you.

          i actually just came across another question... but i will post that in a separate thread.