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Round white tablet with dh 30

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  • Round white tablet with dh 30

    Can someone please help me identify a round white tablet with DH 30 on one side and a G on the other?

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    Could the pill be from Europe?


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        It's a big world out there, so this is just a guess.

        DH30 on one side and a large rounded G on the other side might be 30 mg dihydrocodeine made by Generics (UK). The company's website is down right now, but the site was running when I checked before asking if the pill could be European.

        Company description:

        Dihydrocodeine Tablets
        30 mg White DH30 + G
        PIP Code 109-2600
        EAN Code 560076

        No description re the shape is given, but other companies make a round pill.
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          Do you know where I can get a pic of this


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            No, I don't know where you can get a picture of this pill.

            The manufacturer's website is still not working, but that's not too important. There were no pictures except for the latest releases. All the other drugs were listed on an Excel spreadsheet (imprint, contents, how supplied, control numbers).



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              Round white tablet with dh 30

              Originally posted by captrob View Post
              Do you know where I can get a pic of this


              It's only like 11 years later, i know. But this pill has been lately causing what brings up the need to "investigate further" where i make a living - so here's a picture - hoping that this thread would somehow jump-start once again!

              There are also the "R" variations, spoken of on these forums as well. From many Pharmaceutical giants it was passed down until recently packed as a Wyeth product and, since 2012, packed by Ranbaxy.
              However i believe that these "G" marked versions do indeed originate from UK, but have they been discontinued?
              There is a rarity of info about them to the point of frustration!

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