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White round pill w/ M in square & 30 on back

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  • White round pill w/ M in square & 30 on back

    Hi all

    I have found pills that are White, Small, round & have the number 30 on the back. I've looked it up and find that the blue version of this pill is Oxy. My boyfriend is a recovering Oxy addict and told me the pills where given to him by a clinic to help curve the craving. Anyone have any info on this? I really would like to think that he is telling the truth but he has lied to me in the past regarding this & just want to make sure he is serious about getting help & not lying and using. Thanks to anyone who can offer input

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    Is your pill Boxed M / 30 score? That should be light blue, and it is 30mg Oxycodone IR.
    Or if it is Boxed M / 30 it should be reddish purple, and that is 30mg Morphine CR

    You say it's white, maybe somebody sucked (removed) the coating from either of these pills, since they're not white.

    He may be feeding you a line of bs. You're not surprised.


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      Thanks so much for the responce. No I am def. not surprised & my original thought was that it is oxy but it looked white to me..and the results i was finding online were all a light blue..but besides that the pill was identicle to what I was seeing online as oxy. It is a round tiny pill with a capital M on one side inside of a box and the other side has a - across it with a 30 above it.


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        Yes they r an oxy this manufacturer makes them a whitish color I have them . They're exactly like the blue 30s


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          So I found 2 of these white m30 pills in my brothers draw but I looked them up and cannot find them anywhere why is that and what exactly are they


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            Do they have any marking or letters/numbers on them? Are they a small pill or reg. size?