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What is the difference between these Percocets?

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  • What is the difference between these Percocets?

    If you type in "percocets" in the search field on this site, then click the "pictures" icon there are some pictures of some of the different strengths and manufacturers of percocets.

    My question is there is a white percocet, it's the second one on the list. It looks almost identical to the brand name regular round, blue 5mg Percocet (you can see a picture of this one 4 pictures down from the white one). But instead of it being blue, it's white. Is it foreign? New? Or what?

    Also, if you go to page 2 of the pictures If you look at the third listing down, It's also a "brand name" Percocet made by Endo and it is also 5mg/325mg and it says "Percocet 5". But it is a completely different color, like a greenish blue. What is the difference between this and the regular blue Percocet 5-325? Is one Immediate release maybe?

    And then the last one is 3 down from that greenish 5mg Percocet. This one is 7.5mg-500mg and is made by Endo. But instead of being like a pinkish color which is the normal brand name Endo 7.5mg-500mg it is like a gray color, but it also says it's made by Endo. Is it just wrong? Or is it instant release or something?

    Thanks for any help!
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    you have looked at different manufactorers of oxycodone. endo being the "top shelf" and some generic perc's. the white with " 512" are geneic /5/325. if they are white with endo "602" they are better then the 512's. if they are white 10/325 they are generic but have 10 mg's of oxy but different filler. the best are yellow endo 10/325 and the generic still has 10 / 325 the "325" is the tilenol mix but they sill have diff "mixers" in them you can look up all of the perc's by google "percocet 10/325" but by experience the YELLOW the BETTER good luck


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      I know about the 512's and the different manufacturers, but did you follow the links to the specific pictures I was talking about? They look exactly like the Percocet 5mg-325mg. I mean they say "Percocet" around the top and have a big "5" in the middle. But they are different colors. And I'm pretty sure that any generic mfg. can't use the name "percocet" on their tablet. And to the right of the picture, it says who that tablet is manufactured by and they all say Endo. Maybe they make their own generics? I dunno. But the one with "endo 602" are generic for the 5mg-325mg? Do you think the best 5mg ones are the brand name round, blue ones that say "Percocet" on the top and a big 5 in the middle. Or are the endo 602's better do you think?


      • #4 is showing some old, new, and maybe foreign examples of Percocet. Percocet comes in different strengths of both oxycodone and acetaminophen. Percocet is Endo's name brand oxy/apap product, Endo also has it's own generic line called Endocet, which is exactly the same.
        Endo took over DuPont quite awhile back, these are old imprints.
        Take a look at the oxy/apap imprint list at Pharmer, it describes the various strengths, mfrs, with images of most, these are up to date. You should be able to see and figure out the diffs.
        There's not really any difference in quality among the name brand/generics, but it's common for one to prefer one over another.
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