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white oval pill 93 on one side 58 on the other

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  • white oval pill 93 on one side 58 on the other

    i have these pills the label got wet on so I can not read what is in it. it has 93 on on side and the other is 58. i think it might be my old form of adderall called naproxen sodium. could you tell me if I am right or not.

    crystal saxour

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    It's not generic Adderall, and it's not naproxen.

    93 58 is 50 mg tramadol, an analgesic.

    More info:
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      I don't mean to be rude, but naproxen sodium is an over the counter pain reliever, and Adderall is a schedule II controlled stimulant. What you have is tramadol hydrochloride which is used for treating moderate to severe pain. Although it is somewhat milder than other prescription pain meds, it can still cause physical dependency over time. Please be careful, and always check with a doctor before taking any medication you are unfamiliar with.


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        I would also guess - its Tramadol