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G177 blue pill

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  • G177 blue pill

    I found these in my sons room - they are Robin egg blue and round - written in black is G177 I would greatly appreciate any help on finding out what these are.

    Thank you!

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    Doesn't look like anyone is having luck with your pill. The closest I could find is "E177. The stylized E is often mistaken for a G. The color is a match but I think you said it was round, not oblong.... I know it's doubtful but I hate to see a thread with 0 replies :/

    Anyway here's an image:

    Sotalol 160mg by Eon Pharma


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      Thank you

      I saw that one on line too and it isn't it. I do appreciate you checking it out for me though.

      Thank you so much!


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        they are Robin egg blue and round - written in black is G17
        Hi alicebeagle,

        Does the tablet appear to have a dense coating like an M&M candy? If so could you please take off part of the coating and see if the interior is greenish brown or an 'earthy' color? Thanks.
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          The color right under the blue is white - then the center is a wood color like sawdust color is the best I can describe it - brown.



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            Thanks, alicebeagle!

            Okay, I'm 99% positive your son's tablet is sennosides, an OTC laxative. It's generic for Senokot.

            I have three different store brands. All three are blue coated and shaped like an M&M candy or an Advil tablet. All three are about 10 mm in diameter and about 5 mm thick.

            I cut open one and it does have a very thin layer of white. So it's a robins egg blue on the outside, a thin layer of white under (or part of) the coating, and the interior of the pill is brown. In fact, your 'sawdust' description is a perfect description of the color and texture! Thanks so much.

            I don't know the manufacturer of the G 177 tab. It could be Granutec or possibly Guardian.

            Granutec uses a plain uppercase "G" and Guardian uses a stylized "G". Check out Guardian's website and take a look at the "G" logo in the upper left corner of the home page:



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              Thank you so much! Laxatives are the least of my concern with him. I am so relieved to know that is all it is. He has some problems that I am addressing and I was worried this was yet another pill. Thank you so much for your help!